Schuberth C5 - Fluo Yellow

ECE 22.06 approved, quiet, aerodynamic touring helmet with wide view, air filter and comfort lining

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Verified Customer Reviews for Schuberth C5

56 reviews
Very pleased with the C5
25 September 2023 by Tom L
My 3rd Schuberth, first flipfront one. Very snug & comfy fit. Quality materials. Quiet as my old S2. Good ventilation, tested in the heatwave. Sun visor is not good enough, only half as dark as the S2 & no option to buy a darker one (yet)Sun visor lever is easy to use.
Main visor good but really heavy rain still gets in through the top even with the improved top edge profile. I would recommend this C5 helmet. Only not excellent due to poor sun visor.
K1200r, 40 years riding.
New helmet
24 September 2023 by Matt
Originally bought a white c5, from sportsbikeshop Leeds. Once home I found it had a paint defect. A quick call to sportsbikeshop and they dispatched another one for collection from Leeds. This helmet also had the same defect. In the end I paid more for the eclipse blue.
Initial view, helmet feels well made and comfortable. Hope it's as good as the Arai it's replacing.
What a relief
24 September 2023 by David A
After being pressure sold by a SBS staff member the Neotec 2 in July I finally relented and went back to what I know and love. The C5 is comfy, quiet and feels like a quality product. The intercom is a dramatic improvement to the C3 and easy to install again something the Neotec can't claim. The C5 is brilliant… don't listen if SBS staff tell you differently. If you want a Neotec with intercom I've got a brand new hardly used one.
First class product
13 September 2023 by John R
Excellent value and fit. Staff were helpful, knowledgable and more than happy to bring different size and livery samples to try on.
Good but costly
13 September 2023 by Stuart B
Having used a Shark Spartan for a while I decided to try the Schuberth, mainly due it being quite and a premium brand.
Slight problem with 1 built in speaker not working but a quick call to SBS and a replacement helmet was on its way.
The helmet is of course heavier than I was used to, especially with the front raised but that's only to be expected. Mechanically the lift front solid and fits well when closed.
It is quieter than my Shark was but not by much. Most noise seems to come from around the neck area.
Very stable at speed (70mph max of course !) including when it's windy.
Added the clip on intercom system which is good but a little fiddly to get used too.
Size was about right but needed to push the foam padding in a bit round my ears to make it more comfortable for my glasses and after using for a couple of weeks is now ok.
Overall a well built and designed helmet which I am happy to use but not convinced it was worth a good few hundred pounds more than a new Shark Spartan which it the time was half the price but you don't know till you try.
Great looking and quality product.
09 September 2023 by Brian L
Opening the box and you see that great finish. Put it on, fits snug and feels plush. Easy to use. Plus sportsbikeshop were terrific as usual
Great Helmet
08 September 2023 by Louise
Replacement for my C3 Pro and whilst I have not worn it in the rain yet, it is comfy and quieter than the C3, even on the motorway.
Schuberth C5
05 September 2023 by Malcolm W
Bought this after watching the sportsbikeshop review as I wanted a quiet flip open helmet for touring, the sizing is perfect I'm really pleased with it, best of all it was delivered next day.
Thank you.
Great helmet, great price from SportsBikeShop
04 September 2023 by Stephen B
My first Schuberth, coming off of an Arai that was a little on the loose side having lost weight. The large size C5 was a snug fit, and just a tiny bit too tight on the forehead. I ordered a thinner neck pad to sort this. So far very happy, ventilation is very good. I wear ear plugs so can't really say if it's quieter than others, but certainly at motorway speed it's a much smoother helmet than any other I've owned, and I ride a naked bike.
Yes they've got it right now
02 September 2023 by Bill
Firstly. Fantastic service off Sportsbikeshop.

Yes Schuberth have got this new Helmet spot on. You can tell from the moment you put it on they have nailed it after the previous poor C3.
I had it on straight from the Box for an all day eight hour ride around the lake district and up into Scotland. The fit was perfect. As if it had been poured onto my head, and comfort was brilliant.
Fantastic wide screen view out of Helmet with no having to look over the Pinlock as it covers the whole visor. Brilliant !
Then comes the Ventilation. Amazing. I've never had a Helmet that's this good. Superb.
I'm off on a trip from Cumbria to Cornwall in a few days a d really looking forward to it with this Helmet as my old one started hurting after a few hours and had to keep stopping and taking it off for a while. Sum up? Fantastic well done schuberth.
01 September 2023 by James F
I've just done a 1500 mile trip around Scotland with this helmet and am really disappointed with what I thought was a premium product. The biggest issue is that the visor will not close fully on the right side which leaves a gap that allows the rain in. At times there was more water on the inside of my visor than outside which impacted my view significantly. There is a tab on the visor on each side that has to click into a detent. When the chin bar is open the visor will click into place with ease, but when closed the right side just will not go. Two options are available to fix this. Get a nail file and trim down the tab, or try using silicone grease. Interesting that the owner's manual makes no mention of these detents. Another issue was that the visor vent came off as I was reaching for the visor lip. Luckily it fell straight into my hand so wasn't lost. Visor issues seem to be common and owners who have found solutions have shared these on You Tube. In retrospect I can't help but think I should have bought the Neotec 2.
Very Yellow!
29 August 2023 by Cledwyn D
Usual superb Schuberth build quality and design. Flouro yellow is very bright and visible especially on a dull day! Can be seen from miles away and great safety feature!
As good as expected.
26 August 2023 by Roland P
My first Schuberth was a C2 and I continue to be a satisfied customer.
13 August 2023 by Robin I
Can't fault these helmets. Replaced my C3 purely on age. I've owned many Schuberth's. I guess I must have a Schuberth shaped head but I also like the size of of the visor. I really wanted to try a Shoei Neotec but when it came to visit SPORTSBIKESHOP shop I struggled to move from what I know I love.
04 August 2023 by Pete.
I really like this helmet, oozes quality and the fit was about perfect and its quiet. This is a second one, the first had a problem with the visor closing correctly and sticking. I believe others had this same problem. The new one though performed perfectly. The one small grumble I have is the strap was a little uncomfortable being set back a little to far for my liking. With the built in speakers and ready for the clip on comms system this is an awfully good helmet.
21 July 2023 by Anonymous
First helmet no audio inside, intercom swapped still no audio. Manager at Bristol ordered replacement helmet which worked ok? Helmet fits fine on my head.
Another excellent Schuberth helmet
19 July 2023 by Peter S
I'd decided which helmet to buy and which size so went to the Boston showroom to try it on
Neither L or XL fitted properly so tried on quite a few other brands none of which fitted better than the Schuberth
I've had two C3 Pro helmets before but went for a C5 this time as the price and quality are great and in stock
I guess I must just have a Schuberth shaped head !
Usual friendly, helpful and patient staff at Boston too

Great helmet and definitely an upgrade.
10 July 2023 by Gary C
A very solid product which is much comfier than my c3 pro.
All aspects of the design and operation appear to be an upgrade on earlier models.
The addition of the comms pack is a great benefit.
Having only had my helmet for 3 weeks but commuting daily during that time, I've yet had to test its use during rain.
Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase.

Schuberth C5 - Fluo Yellow

  • Patented Direct Fibre (DFP) fibre glass shell construction with carbon reinforcement for low weight
  • Wind tunnel developed for superior aerodynamics and aero-acoustics
  • Chin lock mechanism made from glass fibre reinforced plastic
  • Dual density EPS lining material for improved shock absorption and increased head cavity
  • Anti-Roll-Off-System (A.R.O.S.) helps ensure helmet is kept on in case of accident
  • Improved field of view thanks to City Position visor mechanism
  • First-class visor for clear vision without distortion
  • Integrated internal drop-down sun visor
  • Quick release chin strap fastening
  • Pinlock 120 anti-fog lens pre-installed
  • Pre-installed speakers, cable harness and radio antennas for optional SC2 intercom system
  • Seamless lining with highest quality fabrics from Italy (Oeko-Tex 100 certified)
  • Washable and easily removable interior parts
  • Cheek pad grooves for increased comfort when wearing glasses
  • High air ventilation due to multichannel ventilation with insect protection
  • Patented turbolators offer improved airflow
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning of air intakes
  • Branded brushed metal helmet trim plate
  • ECE 22.06 approved
  • P/J dual Homologation
  • 5 year warranty (when you register online with Schuberth)

All helmets are supplied with a clear visor as standard
The Schuberth C5 is a feature packed helmet that has been designed from the ground up to meet the ECE 22.06 standard, sharing no parts with its predecessors. With over 200 hours of wind tunnel testing, the shell profile and neckroll help create a perfect seal of the helmet shell, allowing the C5 to achieve the remarkable result of approx 85 Dba at 100 km/h on a naked bike.

Additional features include an anti-roll off safety system and customisable high quality comfort interior. Ultimate ventilation is also provided with dual chin air intakes with washable filter, combined with a rear spoiler exhaust and uncovered EPS ventilation channels. It also comes fitted with a Pinlock 120 anti fog lens, along with pre-installed HD speakers and antenna ready for the optional Sena SC2 intercom system. The C5 is the perfect touring helmet.

Product Specification Variants Race Visor Intercom System


Schuberth motorcycle helmets are, and always have been, developed and manufactured using a quality oriented approach. Since the late 1970's, Schuberth have specialised exclusively in the production of head protection technology, cementing their position today as THE motorcycle helmet specialist. As well as motorbike helmets, Schuberth also design and manufacture helmets for the police, fire service, military and other areas of motorsport, most famously for use in Formula 1. The fact that Michael Schumacher has chosen to work with the brand for so long speaks volumes about its pedigree, and the company's commitment to the development of helmet technology. This commitment is made further apparent by the fact that Schuberth are the only bike helmet manufacturer in the world with their own acoustic and wind tunnels. Via their base in Magdeburg, Schuberth are, quite rightly, proud to promote their "made in Germany" message and now export motorbike helmets to more than 50 different countries throughout the world.

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