Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Duo

Pair of waterproof 4-way Bluetooth 5.2 intercoms with 40mm HD JBL speakers and auto-reconnect

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Nice headset
26 September 2023 by Graham B
Purchased to replace Cardo Q3. Great improvement in sound quality and easy set up. Like the previous comment, I would say it's definitely worth watching the the Cardo installation at least once. No problems since it was set up.
Style: Duo
Great piece of kit
22 September 2023 by Nigel B
Bought the duo for myself and pillion, set up and installation into my Arai Quantic was straight forward, the clip that holds the unit on the helmet fitted gear so no need to use the adhesive pads to stick it to the helmet.

Pairing the headsets is straightforward and using the voice function is pretty straightforward, but I would advise watching the Cardo complete installation and use video as it provides a much better explanation of set up and use than the instructions that came with the unit.

Using it has so far been good, sound quality for voice and music is excellent and very clear even with ear plugs in.

Also bought a single unit for my daughter who rides but haven't tried it out so can't comment yet on the bike to bike performance.

Overall a great piece of kit
Style: Duo
26 August 2023 by Kane F
Great bit of Kit. Easy to install even without the instructions you will still be very capable. Its durable and solid. I would recommend using and updating the Cardo app as can be a bit finicky but you don't need this to use the Cardo itself.

Very good value for money and feels like a nightclub in your helmet and if your not riding would be a good helmet speaker too.
Style: Single
Good product but
26 August 2023 by Paul T
I bought this to go in my new Shark evo GT helmet, the device works brilliantly but the ear pieces don't fit very well in the cut outs, this means that there is a little pressure on your ears.
Style: Single
Mic broke after 2hrs, again!
14 August 2023 by Anonymous
This is the 2nd one of these I have had (one purchased from sportsbikeshop and one from else where) and as I have been using it In a full face helmet I fitted it with the wired mic. Both times the wired mic has failed after around 2 hrs use. Very disappointing as I only use it when I go away with friends for weekend rides. Twice I have been stuck being unable to communicate for the majority of the weekend ride just after purchasing a new intercom. When it does work it's good. But that wasn't for very long.
Style: Single
Great bit of kit
01 August 2023 by Andrew P
Well made, easy to install, connected to phone was so easy, voice control make's it hands free.
Style: Single
Excellent equipment
09 July 2023 by Neil W
Really pleased with my purchase of the Cardo Freecom 4x, a superb piece of kit that works fantastically well and the service from Sportsbikeshop was excellent as always.
Style: Single
Very good overall
05 July 2023 by Bogumil
Good sound quality, pairs up nicely with your GPS and phone at the r same time, just make sure to read the manual as the pairing procedure is slightly different depending on what device you're trying to pair.
Style: Duo
Cardo is a star
20 June 2023 by Anonymous
I could never understand why branded intercoms are so expensive, but after using a Cardo for almost a month now I'm absolutely blown away with the quality of this product.
Style: Single
Awesome intercom
05 June 2023 by Tomas J
It's fantastic with really good sound and battery life. The buttons are easy to find even through gloves and the voice commands are really handy
Style: Single
Nice upgrade from my old basic Sena
25 May 2023 by Darren
I bought this to upgrade from a basic Sena unit I've had for 10 years and to be fair still worked but I wanted something with a better battery life and better connectivity.

I went with the Cardo because of the reviews and I'm not disappointed. The sound quality is great, the unit is smaller and lighter than my old one and the battery lasts a lot longer. I like that you can detach the controller for charging and update it all wireless from the app on your phone and the voice commands generally work well.

I do have a few issues though, the speakers are a bit thicker and while you couldn't feel my old ones at all there is now the slightest pressure on my ears in the helmet. The buttons are incredibly fiddly and while I generally use voice commands you have to turn it off with the buttons and when I tried to do this with my gloves on after riding to work at 5am I accidentally called someone and had to apologise for not only waking them up but when they answered hearing me shout "Cardo hang up" and various other phrases into the mic trying to remember the exact phrase needed.
Style: Single
11 May 2023 by Stephen F
Well let me start by saying wow, the sound quality is amazing. Really impressed with the unit from setting it up to fitting in my helmet very simple and plenty of information if you need it. Phone calls are really clear even in a pull down lid. Pairing with another rider is simple and range is pretty good too. Really happy with my purchase.
Style: Single
Great product
26 April 2023 by David C
Does everything that it says it does. The App is not great to start with but soon realised need to let it load first, and can also link my ipod music as well
Style: Duo
What's not to like
19 April 2023 by Anonymous
Bought this for a pillion, the price is good, fitting is simple to do and worked the moment we pressed go so no drama's.
Style: Single
Great Item
08 April 2023 by Anonymous
I spent a lot of time reviewing intercoms and decided on the Freecom 4x due to the reviews I had read around sound quality - and I have to say I'm not disappointed!! Easy installation, easy to pair, voice commands are recognised and allow me to keep both hands on the bar, I do lots of solo riding so the sound quality for music and sat nav instructions was important and this really is amazing at all speeds! Recommended!!
Style: Single
Great sound
05 March 2023 by Victor H
Bought these to replace ageing interphone tour, way better sound quality and louder, needed with earplugs. Voice control is brilliant, I always hated fiddling about with little buttons and big gloves
Style: Duo
So much better than my old Sena
20 February 2023 by Anonymous
Bought another new Schuberth C3 Pro but from pervious experience I did not buy the Schuberth (Sena 10U) integrated comms because it is just junk. The Cardo by comparison just seems to work well and is so easy to configure and use. Very pleased with it so far.
Style: Single
Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Single Pleas
16 January 2023 by Haylz
What a bit of kit. I've had cheaper versions of coms in the past, but this one seems to be hands down one of the better products for sound quality. Easy to fit and use, as the instructions are all provided. The call buttons are easy to find with winter gloves. Conntections were easy to apply via sat nav and phone. Good combintation of applications of being able to use on a varity of styles of helmets. No problems so far being used on A and B roads. Yet to try on a motorway. Very happy with it so far.
Style: Single

Press Reviews for Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Duo


Cardo Freecom 4X Bluetooth Intercom - Duo

The Cardo Freecom 4X is a 2-way wideband Bluetooth communication system with powerful 40mm HD speakers engineered to perfection by JBL experts, with specially tuned music processors and three distinctive audio profiles, making your riding experience exceptional. Operation is easy with the always-on Natural Voice, just say "hey Cardo" and tell it what you want to do, your Freecom 4X does the rest. Live Bluetooth gives exceptional quality along with an Auto-Reconnect facility for two riders up to a range of 1.2km / 0.75mi. Being waterproof and dust-proof, no matter what you throw at it, the Freecom 4X will take the beating and keep you connected - rain, shine, mud, dust or snow. Universal connectivity allows connection to any other major brand Bluetooth headset.
Sena Compatibility
Sena SRL Compatibility

  • 4-way wideband Bluetooth up to 1.2km / 0.75mi range
  • Bluetooth 5.2
  • Natural voice operation to leave hands free
  • Live Intercom giving exceptional audio quality and Auto-Reconnect
  • Easy universal connectivity with leading headset brands
  • Powerful 40mm HD JBL speakers
  • Specially tuned music processors and three distinct JBL audio profiles
  • Pronounced, easy to use buttons
  • Operating temperature -20C to 55C / -4F to 131F
  • Waterproof and dust-proof
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS
  • Music streaming
  • Operating frequencies 76-108 MHz
  • Six preset station memory
  • Software Updates
  • Over-the-air software updates available through the Cardo Connect App
  • USB cable updates
  • Device configuration set through Cardo Connect App
  • Main unit dimensions; H 48mm, L 78mm, D 20mm
  • Weight 37g
  • Speakers diameter 40mm, depth 10mm
  • Two channels for mobile phone and GPS
  • TFT connectivity
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Sound by JBL
  • Automatic volume control based on ambient outside noise
  • Talk time 13 hours
  • Charging time up to 2 hours
  • Fast charging, 2 hours talk time after 20 min charge
  • Standby time 10 days

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Cardo Systems, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. USA, is the world's acknowledged market leader in wireless communication headsets for motorcyclists. Their corporate tagline, communication in motion, reflects what the company does best; empowering people who are on the move with the finest communication and entertainment devices available. Their typical customers are outdoors, in motion and committed to remain in touch. Cardo are proud to offer them the tools to do so in a safe and intuitive manner.

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