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Shoei manufacture all of their products using the keywords quality & value, and have used these criteria ever since they began manufacturing motorcycle helmets in January 1960. The Shoei helmets brand has always been at the forefront of motorcycle helmet technology since its creation, and continues to lead in terms of technical innovation, design, and safety. With over 50 years experience, they continue to manufacture the entire Shoei helmets range in Japan to this very day. Whilst the brand can undoubtedly be described as premium, Shoei helmets offer fantastic value for money when you consider the serious levels of comfort, build quality and technology that go into every helmet they produce. Shoei develop all of their bike helmets with a specific philosophy in mind which they call the Shoei Safety Concept. The thinking behind their philosophy is that crash helmets must be developed to ensure maximum head protection, whilst also providing unrivalled levels of comfort. Ultimately, Shoei believe that a relaxed ride provided through comfort makes a highly important contribution to the rider's safety. The safety elements of each bike helmet come under one of two headings, Passive or Active Safety. Passive safety includes focus on such elements as impact absorption and material rigidity whilst active safety refers to emphasis on ventilation, fit and noise reduction. Shoei are now, truly, one of the most popular and most highly rated helmet brands in the world.  
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Lightweight ECE 2206 certified multi-composite sports touring helmet with quick-release cheek pads


Enduro style motorcycle helmet with emergency quick release system

RRP £479.99

Lightweight dual homologated helmet with a fully removable and washable interior

RRP £579.99

Verified Customer Reviews for Shoei Helmets

Don't waste your money!
Shoei Neotec 2 - White Shoei Neotec 2 - White
21 September 2023 by John B
Good fit, but appalling design meams it steams up, even with pin lock! You have to open the visor, BUT the smallest opening is Too big which allows water to run down inside the visor wetting the face and spoiling a clear view. I cannot believe how this basic design fault was allowed. Pretty much useless when it's raining. Big disappointment for a top line helmet.
Really comfortable
Shoei GT Air 2 - Tesseract Matt TC-10 Shoei GT Air 2 - Tesseract Matt TC-10
21 September 2023 by Simon R
My husband bought this and says it is the most comfortable helmet he's bought. Good quality and perfect fit. Brilliant service from SPORTSBIKESHOP Birmingham
Senna SRL2
Sena SRL2 Shoei Bluetooth Communication System - GT Air 2 / Neotec 2 Sena SRL2 Shoei Bluetooth Communication System - GT Air 2 / Neotec 2
20 September 2023 by David G
Great piece of kit and integrated with my new Shoei helmet. Easy to use.
Fitted perfectly as it should, being shoei insert
Shoei Pinlock Insert - X-spirit 3 / 2 / XR 1100 / Qwest / Neotec / Neotec 2 / GT Air 2 / NXR Shoei Pinlock Insert - X-spirit 3 / 2 / XR 1100 / Qwest / Neotec / Neotec 2 / GT Air 2 / NXR
20 September 2023 by Andrew H
This product arrived with a full shoei visor which I had also purchased ,it arrived on time and well boxed up .
A quality bit of kit
Shoei Neotec 2 - Anthracite Shoei Neotec 2 - Anthracite
20 September 2023 by Nick W
Because I travel 80 miles to my nearest store, I had done a pre order of a couple of different brands of helmet to make sure I had my options available.
None of the options were cheap helmets, and all were very similar price.
I left the Neotec 2 until last to try. Once it went on, it was clear that it was night & day in comparison, and because it was discounted in store by around 40% it was a no brainer.
On the bike, it is as quiet as you can expect for a flip front. The fittings feel right. The ventilation is very effective & easy to work, as is the sun visor, along with the main opening button. The only improvement I would make compared to my previous flip fronts would be to put a tape/ribbon on the fastener for slightly easier opening.
Great service from sportsbikeshop with their pre order method, and team members kept checking back in with me during my store visit. Top marks guys. Great helmet & great service.